Sustainable model for
marketplace missions
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Teach and reach your audience or followers with our content creation solution.
6-day experience helps solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and leaders take Jesus to
the marketplace and beyond.
We connect marketplace missionaries
with companies and non-profits.
Business as Missions Immersion
Missional Staffing Agency
Teachcast by urev
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Each class is designed to change your life.
How to build your business
God's way
God promises us in His word that if we follow his principles for life, family, and even business, that it would last longer than a day. Build a legacy by learning biblical foundations.
How to build and execute processes that work
Processes in every company large or small are vital for the health of that company. The process can either generate profit or destroy the traction of your vision. Learn how to create processes that evolve as your business evolves.
How to innovate beyond reality
Thinking out of the box is what will cause you to stand out from the rest. It will set you on a course to an innovative lifestyle and mission. Learn how shift your paradigm and go beyond the limits of your present.
How to develop your Christian character for leadership
Without Christain character, your leadership will fade away like the posts of today. Learn how to build first your spiritual leadership and posture so that you will lead others towards success. A strong spiritual leader will produce strong results.
How to create and distribute wealth, God's way
Learn how to walk in wisdom with your finances. Develop strategies that are proven to sustain and scale your vision and mission. With capital or zero investors, adopting Biblical principles will guarantee your success in the marketplace and beyond.
How to take your faith to the marketplace globally
Learn how to invite Jesus to the tables of society, and strengthen your testimony along the way. Leave behind traditional beliefs that there exists holy and secular work among the followers of Christ. Discover how God invests in his church and the marketplace for His glory.
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