I believe in the future as much as I believe in the hope in which I have in Christ (1 Peter 1:3-6). Although times may come where all hope may seem lost, where times may seem so uncertain, I can look to the love of God and into the eyes of His dear son Jesus and know that my future is bright and filled with adventure! 

The church has a future and because of this she has a responsibility to prepare and walk out those plans. We cannot just sit back and wait for Jesus to come back and let the world go to hell and hope that we don’t go there to. We need to be a church that transcends beyond the expectations of those that gave their lives for this cause i.e. (Jesus Christ). The apostles of the the lamb did not fulfill the great commission for us to just “retire” off of their work. We have a responsibility to invest into the kingdom of God with our blood, sweat, tears, innovation, and creativity.  



Este ebook é um manual prático para nos ajudar a entender como uma Igreja criativa pode ser relevante hoje e no futuro